22 June 1999 Thuesday 

Ecevit knew

Authorities: Gulen and his community's actions are counter-republican
Prime Minister Ecevit: I'm not convinced

       It has been reported that Ecevit, who has so far been careful to maintain a positive attitude about the Gulen affair, has been given a briefing on the issue. The briefing aims at convincing Ecevit on Gulen's counter-republican activities.
       Ecevit's response, which could be summarised as "I still have not changed my mind," surprised the authorities who had taken on the task of informing the Prime Minister. According to Milliyet's sources, Ecevit had already been informed concerning Gulen and his actions before the publicising of the scandalous tapes. In the briefing it was emphasised that Gulen's aim is the foundation of a new regime alternative to the secular Republic. Ecevit, who posed few questions during the 75-minute-briefing, stated that his opinion had not changed when the briefing ended.

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