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28 July 1999 Wednesday 
ANAP's mistakes

The report prepared to be presented to the Central Administrative Board (MKYK) of the Motherland Party summarises the reasons behind the election disappointment for the Party:

The fact that the slogan "quiet majority" did not arouse sympathy,

The administrative staff's immodesty,

The "state party" image,

The inability to appeal to the religious masses,

The support of Ecevit.

12 agreements in 12 hours

12 agreements and protocols were signed in the one-day visit of President Suleyman Demirel to Egypt. Demirel said, "The peace process is a golden opportunity. Turkey is the biggest supporter of the peace process."

Mubarek voiced his satisfaction over the amelioration of relations between Egypt and Turkey. He also said he was "optimistic" about the peace process. Mubarek stated that he was to come to Turkey.

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