Turks can become Ministers

"No one should be surprised if we become ministers" has said Nebahat Albayrak, one of the two Turkish females who entered the Parliament in the Netherlands.

       The female candidates among those Turks who have entered the elections in England and the Netherlands have left the male Turkish candidates behind with the success they have displayed. Nebahat Albayrak, one of the two female Turks who entered the parliament in the Netherlands, has said, "Us Turks have been elected deputies. If Turks also get to be ministers, no one should be surprised."
       Albayrak was the "law counselor" at the Netherlands Internal Affairs Ministry. Stating that her interest in politics increased through the activities she had joined in the women's branch, Albayrak has added, " Actually the interest towards active politics are increasing among the turkish society within the Netherlands. Our men has been the first to enter politics in the Netherlands and they have established the infrastructure for us. Now they take it natural that people like me who have been brought up in the Netherlands but have lost nothing of their Turk side are entering the political life in here."
       Nebahat Albayrak who says "Do not be surprised if you see Turkish Ministers in the Netherlands' administration" has been working in the "foreigners" department of the Internal Affairs Ministry for one and a half years.