129 day pursuit ends in Turkey

Here is the four month story of Abdullah Ocalan's escape from Syria to Kenya.

       Abdullah Ocalan and the bloody terror organization has taken shelter in Syrian lands for many years. Hiding the world wide known truth, Syria constantly claimed Apo was not in her lands. When faced with Turkey's threat of war, Syria was forced to send Apo away from her lands. Here is Apo's adventure of escape that started with leaving Syria and ended in Turkey.
       October 1st, 1998: Mr.Demirel announced to the whole world that Turkey was running out of patience against Syria and that she kept her right of retaliation.
       October 3rd, 1998: Husnu Mubarek, Head of State to Eygpt, intended to mediate. He started the telephone diplomacy. The air forces frequented flights at the border. Military has been amassed to the region.
       October 4th, 1998: Syria proposed dialog. Turkey was not satisfied.
       October 6th, 1998: Mubarek has taken the secret file given by Turkey to the Syrian administration. The file gave the message, "Either end Apo's deeds, or be ready for the consequences."
       October 9th, 1998: Damascus conveyed the message that they may send Apo.
       October 12th, 1998: It has been reported that Apo has has left Kamıslı by plane.
       October 19th, 1998: "He is not in our lands" said Russian Ambassador, Lebedev.
       October 20th, 1998: Mr. Yilmaz announced that Apo was in Russia and that attempts for his extradition has started.
       november 4th, 1998: The Russian Parliament, consented Apo's demand of political asylum with a majority of votes.
       November 12th, 1998: Ocalan intended to go to Sudan or Lebanon, however was caught in Rome Airport with a fake passport.
       November 13th, 1998: Apo has been arrested. He was put in Regina Celia Prison. He was then taken to Palestrina Hospital due to his heart problems.
       November 14th, 1998: Turkish Ministry of Justice made the first official application for Apo's extradition. "Italy will not extradiate someone who is faced with a death penalty" said Carleone, Italian Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice. PKK members who went to Rome attacked Turkish reporters.
       November 15th, 1998: PKK executed 75 of its militants who attempted to flee due to panic. Ismet Sezgin, Minister of Defense, and Ismail Cem, Foreign Affairs Minister, made the first warning to Italy about extradition. First signals of economic sanction has been given. Through his lawyer, Luigi Saraceni, Ocalan demanded from Italy political right of defense. He claimed that Turkey would kill him otherwise.
       November 16th, 1998: Italian newspapers claimed that Italy hoped to send Apo to Lebanon or Armenia. Italian Internal Affairs Ministry took the demand of political asylum under scrutiny. Italian Prime Minister D'Alema implied that they could provide Apo with political asylum if he gave up on terror. For the first time, Apo has been interrogated in the hospital he is staying in, for 2 hours.
       November 17th, 1998: "If there is death penalty, there is no extradition" said D'Alema. Mr.Demirel stated that the death penalty in Turkey would not be removed.
       November 18th, 1998: TBMM made a decleration that warned Italy. D'Alema stated that he is open to negotiation. Reactions in Turkey grew bigger. A secure house in Italy has been searched for Apo. Apo has been transferred to another hospital. The European Parliament refused the bill about Ocalan's demand of political asylum from Italy.
       November 19th, 1998: D'Alema implied that he would come to Turkey about Ocalan before the footbal game between Galatasaray and Juventus. He changed his mind when Mr.Yilmaz asked him to come to Ankara.
       November 20th, 1998: Ocalan was let go with the condition to report where he constantly is. Ankara announced that diplomatic relations with Rome would be cut in case Apo was given the right to take refuge in Italy.
       November 21st, 1998: Apo was placed in a villa in Infernetto. "Italy can not hold this shame, and we will call them to accounts for what they have done" said Mr.Yilmaz, the Turkish prime Minister.
       November 23rd, 1998: Italian government's plan to send Ocalan to Lebanon or Sudan has been prevented by the United States.
       November 27th, 1998: D'Alema met with German Chancellor Schroder. Germany did not accept Apo. "We do not want him to be extradited. Because Germany is where most of the Turkish and Kurdish people in Europe live." said Schroder.
       December 4th, 1998: An interrogation in Italy has started about Ocalan for "entring the country with a fake passport".
       December 13th, 1998: Ocalan announced that he is not responsible for the ongoing contention between PKK and Turkey.
       December 16th, 1999: Court of Rome set Apo free, removing the condition that he has to report where he is. Tension between Turkey and Italy raised.
       January 16th, 1998: Italy announced that Ocalan left Italy as a free person. Turkish government announced that there is no place in the world where Apo could hide.
       January 18th, 1999: Speculations were made that Ocalan was in Russia. Greece denied the claims that Apo would be accepted in Greece.
       January 22nd, 1999: Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia, Igor Ivanov announced that Ocalan was not in Russia.
       January 28th, 1999: For the first time speculations were made that Ocalann was in one of the Middle East countries and most probably in Lebanon.
       February 1st, 1999: Dutch Radio announced that Ocalan wanted to come to Holland, however his demand was refused.
       February 2nd, 1999: Greece denied that Ocalan came to one of their islands and that he was turned down by Police of Greece.
       February 7th, 1999: Newspapers in Greece published Ocalan's declerations of anger against the European countries that did not accept him. Newspapers also stated that Ocalan had come to Greece twice this year. One day later, Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece denied this also.
       February 12th, 1999: Bonn dismissed media reports that Ocalan would soon hand himself over the German authorities. .
       February 14th, 1999: Ocalan told the Kurdish Dem news agency: "I expect my safety to be secured in the place where I am now." He gave no indication of where he was.
       February 16th, 1999: Ocalan has been caught in Nairobi. Mr.Ecevit announced that Ocalan has been brought to Turkey.