Adapazari is a bargain for life

Adapazari is a bargain for life

They left six month behind under the footprints of the disaster. Some clean the mud from the tents some try to make water from the snow

       It has been six months since the earthquake that shook Marmara region
       on 17th of August. Not much has been cleaned of the footprints of the
       disaster that affected all the region from Bolu to Istanbul. Children left
       without their parents, hundreds of disabled people, thousands of people left
       homeless, jobless and without a future.
       The biggest problem of the people of Izmit, Golcuk, Kaynasli and Duzce is
       The people of tent cities has a lot of things to tell. One says, "We haven't
       had water for three days. But they brought some today as they heard Milliyet
       Daily will make a visit."
       As we walk in the tent city we see a woman trying to fill some snow into a
       bowl. She says she wants to make the snow melt and wash his five - months
       old son's clothes. Her husband works in a construction. Their homeland is
       Erzurum, but there is no job, no meal there.
       emine alemdar is 29. She has a seven years old daughter. They had stayed on
       the street for days before they moved to a tent.
       I ask "Does your husband work?" She smiles. Her husband is a real estate. "I
       also used to work; as a cleaner in women's dormitory. I had had a salary of
       50 millions. But my place I earned my living collapsed in the quake as well.
       I only have taken 10 million liras as an aid from the state since the quake.
       Now I can stay in a pre - fabricated house. But there is no school in the
       region they want to send me. I want to go the pre - fabricated houses in
       Abali. I want my daughter to be educated. I already feel myself very old,"
       she says.

11 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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