Athens senses pulse

Athens senses pulse

The government, seeking for a dialogue with Turkey, tries to forsee the possible outcome of an initiation


Greece displays a manner praising a dialogue, as it is seeking for a formula to by-pass "PKK terror" in its relations with Turkey.
Thus the news in the Greek press, analyzing the suggestion of the aides to Yorgo Papandreu for "a surprising visit" to Ismail Cem, are taken as attempts of the Greek government to sense pulse. However, Simitis government has to consider seriously the reactions that would break out after a possible dialogue with Ankara.

Washington's warning

On the other hand, Washington presses Athens to make a declaration to condemn PKK. According to the information Mr. Papandreu takes seriously the formula to visit Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem and sees a possible dialogue a white page in relations with Turkey.

14 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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