Back to the future

Back to the future

       The "Aydin Dogan Communications Institute" formed within the Bosphorus University have been presented to the public with a ceremony. The owner of Milliyet Neswpaper contributed to the Institute, in the 50th anniversary of the newspaper. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit has also attended the ceremony, praising Mr.Dogan for his contributions. The President of the University, Ustun Erguder, said the following: " For years, universities kept away from the private sector to preserve their autonomy. However today, the two sector's close cooperation is inevitable. Our reserach in the United States show that there are 16 universities where an education over communications is given with the support of some foundations. Communications is what directs today's world, and it is very important that the personnel of this field is trained with high standards. Aydin Dogan Institute will play an important role in realizing this goal."


       Mr.Erguder presented the project in a cyber atmosphere and emphasized that the institute will be a leading educational center world-wide. The Institute will include 18 offices, 32 class rooms, 2 technical labs., a cyber library and meeting rooms. There will be Masters and PHd programs where the students will be given ethical, judicial and technical information.

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