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Bloody trap in Van

Bloody trap in Van

Ercument Isleyen, Tolga Sardan, Sadık Kaplan, Sebahattin Yilmaz, Y.Ziya Cansever

       Radical Islamic terrorist organisation Hizbullah clashed with security
       in Van, for the first time after the recent clash in Istanbul and killed
       five police officers using eight or ten children as shield.
       In the operations started the overnight and ended last evening, security
       killed five Hizbullah militants and injured one. The teams of the Security
       Administration had taken a house in Vali Mithatbey neighbourhood on
       Cavusbasi Street, according to the information taken in intelligence
       Interior Minister Saadettin Tantan told Milliyet Daily that the police
       wasn't able to find anyone at the house in a control the other day. Tantan
       said, around 2 a.m. the police saw suspects in the house, but at the
       meanwhile they also noticed eight or ten children on the windows.
       "Police didn't have any fault during the operation. As they were careful not
       to hurt the children on the window, two police officers, Mehmet Unver and
       Naci Akcay, died because of the heavy fire opened," said Tantan. On the
       other hand the Van province responsible of the terrorist organisation
       Sebahattin Sap and Military wing responsible Mehmet Nuri Balka and Nuri
       Baran were also killed in the clash.
       Tracing the blood of the injured terrorist Zahir Hayva security fell into
       another trap and the police gave three other losses in the bombed attack by
       two militants. Both of the terrorists were killed at the end of the clash.

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