Demirel accepts politicians at home

Demirel accepts politicians at home

ANKARA Milliyet

       The 9th President of the Turkish Republic Suleyman Demirel for the first time left his house of Guniz Street after leaving his office and went to Friday prayer yesterday.
       Leaving his house at 12.45 enroute to Cankaya Mosque, Demirel called in the restaurant in front of his house and posed to the photographers together with the restaurant personnel.
       Demirel was accompanied with Ismet Sezgin, DTP Vice President, and Mehmet Golhan, Konya Deputy of the True Path Party.

Akbulut's visit

       The Chairman of the Parliament Yildirim Akbulut visited Demirel yesterday at his house in Guniz Street as well.
       Many former and present deputies of the True Path Party visited Demirel before yesterday's prayer as well. Bekir Aksoy, Mahmut Nedim Bilgic, Gurcan Dagdas, Unal Erkan and Sadik Avundukoglu from True Path were among them. DTP Vice Presidents Mehmet Korkmaz and Yilmaz Hazturk also visited Demirel yesterday.

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