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Ecevit: "Be careful of the marching children"

Ecevit: "Be careful of the marching children"

Ankara Milliyet

       Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit stated that Turkey now projects the light
       of education and knowledge to the every corner of the world and said,
       "Determined steps are being taken in order to protect our children and youth
       from the influence of trends and countries that are against secularism."
       The General Board of the Parliament met with a special agenda due to the
       80th Anniversary of its foundation. Party leaders and Parliament members
       were accompanied by the General Staff Commander Huseyin Kivrikoglu, other
       commanders and the Head of Turkmenistan Parliament Sahat Muradov in the
       session which started at 2 p.m. yesterday.
       The opening speech of the meeting was given by the Parliament Chairman
       Yildirim Akbulut. In his speech Akbulut compared the 1924 Constitution and
       the European Union norms, and noticed the similarities.
       The Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit on the other hand referred to the employed
       children who recently marched and said, "The rally was meaningful. I hope
       the families, related institutions and the entire society will notice their
       voices. This target may be considered as an imaginative one. But the
       Education Reform that we are carrying out and the other studies would make
       this dream come true."

Bahceli: "Modern Constitution"

       Deputy Prime Minister and the Nationalist Action leader Devlet Bahceli
       on the other hand stated that in the 80th anniversary of the foundation of
       national independence principle, the democratisation process shoudl no more
       be delayed. Bahceli said, to achieve this, the first thing to be done is to
       prepare a more modern and democratic constitution that accepts national
       independency as the basis for its legitimacy.

13 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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