Europe worried

Europe worried

Luxemburg Foreign Minister Polfer said, "We are worried about the
recent developments. The EU showed reaction even to Austria, in a visit to

       Luxemburg Foreign Minister Lydie Polfer stated that the respect to
       human rights is one of the basic things that the European Union requires and
       said, "Our sensitivity on the basic principles of the EU is valid not only
       for Turkey. We reacted even to Austria."
       Answering Milliyet's question, Polfer, who was in Ankara for an official
       visit, said he came to Turkey no to give lessons but to understand her
       They don't know why HADEP mayors have been arrested said Poffer. He
       discussed the issue both by the Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit and the Foreign
       Minister Ismail Cem, but they didn't either informed him about the reason of
       the arrests, he added.
       Stressing that he is worried about these recent developments Polfer said,
       "According to the newspapers they were arrested because they participated in
       some meetings abraod. It is not possible for us to understand such a reason.
       There may be some other reasons. But if they were arrested just because of
       speaking their thoughts, this certainly would not comply with the Copenhagen
       criteria of the Union. We should not forget that Turkey wanted to comply
       with these criteria."
       "We understand that Turkey should be given time. But talking about
       fundemental rights or rights of minority doesn't mean a harm to territorial
       union. We believe that Turkey can find a way to meet the some simple and
       fundemental demands like speaking their own language. We are also aware that
       the formula should be supported by the majority of people as well," Polfer

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