Green passport will be removed

Green passport will be removed

Tolga Sardan London

       Minister of Interior Sadettin Tantan declared that the "green passport"
       will no more be given to the public servants and their first blood
       Saadettin Tantan who went to Britain for an official visit answered Milliyet
       Daily's questions and said the green passport given to public servants will
       be removed under the context of the studies to adopt the European standards.
       Only theose public servants who went abroad on charge will be able to get
       the red diplomatic passport if they are appointed by the Board of Ministers.
       Also thouse who were appointed by their own related institutons will be
       given gray passport.

Underground world is all green

       It has been revealed during the investigation launched after the
       Susurluk scandal, some names related to illegal events were also given green
       It was discovered that Abdullah Catli's passport who was killed in the
       Susurluk accident was approved by the Ministny of Finance. Same
       investigations revealed that Yasar Oz, who as previously convicted of drug
       smuggling and Mahmut Yildirim, who is publicly known as Green were also
       given green passports by the Ministry of Education.

6 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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