Gul warned the administration:

Gul warned the administration:

The organizations have given a message that needs to be carefully evaluated

       Leader of the reformist wing, Abdullah Gul, has gotten more votes than expected at FP's congress. " The provincial organizations have given an important message that needs to be carefully evaluated by the administration. I hope they will consider this message and do what is necessary." said Abdullah Gul evaluating the results of the congress. " We have done our part. We have respect for the delegates' decision. FP is our home. We have worked for the better, but now we are at our party's service." added Gul. Reminding that the administration needs to consider he delegates' message carfeully and do whatever is necessary, Gul said the following to Milliyet:
       " They need to carry FP's flag without letting it go down. They need to quench the delegates' thirst for power. We are ready to do our part. I hope the current administration will do better. We hope thhat they be successful and grow the party. We will help in any way we can. We will work for our party to come to power."
       FP's group chairman representative Bulent Arınc on the other hand said that May 14th is the important start of the reformist movement within FP.

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