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Gul's response to Demirel

Gul's response to Demirel

       FP Kayseri Deputy Abdullah Gul stated that Mr.Demirel's criticisms for Gul's article in Milliyet newspaper was unjust. In the article he had written in Milliyet Newspaper, Abdullah Gul had criticised the fact that Demirel appointed Kemal Guruz as the Head of the Higher Education Board and that he defends the February 28th process. Defending that Mr.Demirel contradicts himself, Gul also claimed that he was the one who stopped the change that would extend the time for Suleyman Demirel as a president. After this article, Suleyman Demirel accused Abdullah Gul of being ignorant and said Gul's article was a abig example for political slander. Gul responded to these words saying that he had just articulated his opinion and that he was surprised by the President's style.

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