Hizbullah; another Iranian job

Hizbullah; another Iranian job

Ankara Milliyet

       Nuh Mete Yuksel, Chief Prosecutor of Ankara State Security Court,
       stated that the radical Islamic terrorist organisation established itself as
       a result of Iran's attempts to export her own regime to Turkey, in a 66 -
       page indictment he prepared against the Hizbullah militants captured in the
       operation launched in Ankara.
       The leakage of Hizbullah into the state instutions hasn't ended yet, Yuksel
       "Hizbullah which developed in Turkey as also a result of Iran's attempts to
       export her own regime to Turkey, has completed the community stage of its
       establishment and discovered at the war stage, which is also the last stage
       of the strategy. The leader of the organisation is killed, and its cadre
       captured while main artilleries are seized.
       Thus the activity of the organisation to overthrow the constitutional regime
       in Turkey is stopped. However the organisation hasn't totally disappeared
       yet; while some members of the cadre have fled, all of those in the state
       posts haven't been determined yet," he said, and requested death penalty for
       triggerers of the organisation, Mehmet Emin Alpsoy, Mustafa Gurluer Seymuh
       Alpsoy and 22.5 year imprisonment for other 28 suspects.

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