Papandreou preferred Milliyet

Papandreou preferred Milliyet

Greek Foreign Minister Georges Papandreou requested Milliyet Daily to announce the campaign to help six years old Greek Cypriot, who had the leukamia

       Greek Cypriot Andreas Vasiliu, who had the leukamia, led a unique
       cooperation between Turkey and Greece. Greek Foreign Minister Georges
       Papandreou contacted Turkey and requested Milliyet Daily's support to start
       a campaign in Turkey.
       Traffic started as the doctors determined that little Andreas had the
       leukamia. Greek Foreign Minister Georges Papandreou, who took notice by his
       warm stance to Turkey's European Union membership and efforts to help Turkey
       to recover the earthquake, took the first step.
       While the doctors were searching a congenial marrow for Vasili, who has been
       stated to have three - month life, Papandreou, called the Chairman of
       Turkish - Greek Businnes Councill Sarik Tara the other day and told him the
       condition of Vasiliu.

"Milliyet is successful"

       Papandreou requested Milliyet Daily to announce little Anderas'
       condition to whole country as he believed it would be effective on the
       solution of the problem, referring to its successes in making people to
       participate in campaigns, being one of the most appreciated newspapers of
       Speaking to Milliyet Daily Sarik Tara on the other hand said, "Neighbourhood
       is the most important. I gave a speech in Pire University the days ago,
       about the things we have to do to improve our economy. It was not about
       exports and imports, but tourism or common investments in third wolrd
       contries and so on. The figures I estimated were really interesting. There
       has been a trade between the two countries of about 25 billion dollars in
       five years. Although the real success belongs to the governments, we have
       close relations wit

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