Six quakes hit Erzurum

Six quakes hit Erzurum

Istanbul Milliyet

       While the aftershocks of Kocaeli and Duzce quakes still continue, 6
       earthquakes hit Erzurum at various scales ranging between 1.7 and 3.7.
       A statement issued by Ataturk University Earthquake Research Centre it has
       been said, two quakes happened in Erzurum's Senkaya town measured 3.5 and
       3.7 on a Richter scale at 09.55 a.m. and 02.15 p.m. resqpectively. Two other
       quakes hit Tekman town at 2.54 a.m., 03.33 a.m. 03.56 a.m. and 05.54 a.m.
       measured 2.0, 2.3, 2.0, and 1.7 on a Richter scale respectively.
       It has been reported that the quakes caused no injuries or damage in the
       Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory on the other hand stated that an
       earthquake hit Duzce - Golkaya at midnight the other day and measured 2.7 on
       a Richter scale, while two others happened in Yalova - Cinarcik at 00.35 and
       06.45 a.m. measured 2.6 on a Richter scale.

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