UN pressure for Cyprus

UN pressure for Cyprus

Security Council urges for a rapid solution for Cyprus


The dialogue between Turkey and Greece, which broke down after Greek aid to Abdullah Ocalan was discovered, restored with the meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries in New York, while the UN continues to force Turkey to compromise for Cyprus. Despite Turkey's attempts, the Security Council passed a resolution on Cyprus the day before, opposing the Turkish thesis.
In the first part of the resolution, the Security Council extends mandate for Cyprus peacekeeping force for six months and urges Turkish and Greek Cypriots to refrain from the threat or use of force to solve the problem. The council also reiterates its concern at the continuing excessive levels of military force and armaments in Cyprus.
On the other hand the 11th and 12th Articles nearly repeats the same message as the Group Eight countries had issued last week. Under UN definition, 25 - year - old Cyprus dispute shall be solved in the context of a two - regioned federation, which has one international identity, with two politically equal communities. However, Turkish thesis bids a confederative system of two independent states, as it expects Turkish Republic of the Northern Cyprus to be recognised on the international platform.

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