Warriors of Jerusalem

Warriors of Jerusalem

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       Warriors of Jerusalem, a small group inferior to Guardians of Iranian
       Revolution, revealed to be the suspect of a series of unidentified murders
       in Turkey, primarily the murder of Ugur Mumcu, instead of Iranian
       Intelligence Service (SAVAMA).
       It has been claimed that the unit which includes a number of Iranian
       Intelligence Service (SAVAMA) members, also works with experts on certain
       fields and complies with Iran's "Islamic revolution ideal."
       The Guardians of Revolution, which is also the biggest obstacle in front of
       reformist President Mohammed Khatami, is alleged to be responsible of many
       attacks both in and outside of Iran, by establishing certain units like the
       "Warriors of Jerusalem."

Humeyni's order

       According to the information taken by Milliyet Daily, in 1987 Iranian
       leader Ayetullah Humeyni made a call and wanted to establish an
       international Jerusalem army to save the sacred city from the occupation of
       Israel. The suggestion discussed among the Islamic organisations both in
       Iran and other countries close to Iranian regime for a long time and
       Also in Turkey, a number of weekly Islamic magazines particularly Tevhid
       openly declared that they support the idea.
       A part of the information gathered in the investigation of Mumcu murder
       hints that the Guardians of Revolution have realised Humeyni's order. It is
       claimed that some of the suspects of the case said the Iranian agents they
       met in Iran and in Turkey told them that they were members of the "Warriors
       of Jerusalem" group.

       Muammer Aksoy, Bahriye Ucok, Cetin Emec, Ugur Mumcu, Ahmet Taner Kislali...
       The belief that Iran was at the back of all these murders gets stronger day
       after day. But why? A high rank security official gives an answer that we
       are all familiar with. "Because Iran wants instability in Turkey."
       Then we ask him another question: "If Iran had used such groups against
       Turkey, could Turkey have done the same against Iran as well?"
       The official gives a brief answer:
       "We don't ask this question. We even don't want to ask."
       All is just a claim in the end. Some certain circles are alleged to
       propogate Iranian revolution, Humeyni's and Tehran's regime in Turkey for
       almost twenty years, and these people are infact used as a cat'spaw by
       "Warriors of Jerusalem," which hasn't been a very well-known organ of the
       Iranian state so far. This resulted in a series of political murders in

6 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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