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Asylum is not a guarantee

Asylum is not a guarantee

       The chairman of Italy Asylum Commission Sergio Mustilli stated that the commission hasn't received the file about Abdullah Ocalan yet and said, "I guess it is a very crowded file. Its translation and examination would take 1.5 years, and the declaration of a decree would take even 100 years."
       "He is not one of those poor people that saw Italy as his last chance. He is too comfortable and doesn't seem to be effected by what's happening" said Mr. Mustill and told the functioning of the Geneva and Dublin Conventions to Milliyet. Here are some answers by Mr. Mustilli who especially stressed that he doesn't want to make any comment.
       Q: Shouldn't Ocalan be sent to Moscow according to Geneva Convention?
       A: We couldn't ask Russia why they haven't launched the process since Russia didn't participate in 1990 Dublin Agreement. Moreover it doesn't accept officialy that Ocalan was in Russia. They say, "We didn't know his identity since he made an entry with false passport." I'm sure Mr. Dini mentioned this as well when he was in Moscow, but they say no.
       Q: What kind of a process do you plan to launch for Ocalan issue. Because it seems conflicted?
       A: This will not only be mine decision, but of five of us. We don't have enough documents. We can't make any assessment at the moment. Those who take refuge in Italy should have seen that the easiest way is to demand political asylum.
       Q: Geneva Convention doesn't grant political asylum for criminals and members of crime organisations. Will the commission take the crime file from Turkey into consideration?
       A: If there is such a condition the application will be rejected. But first we have to make an investigation. This is what the commission works for. The decision is based only on the Geneva Convention. Naturally the file from Turkey will be examined as well. However we have nothing about Ocalan until now. We still wait for the Ministry of Justice to send the file and order us to work. We don't have anything except for the letter from Ocalan and this is not enough as you can guess.

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