22 June 1999 Thuesday 

Ankara support to Cyprus

Turkey says we would not compromise on Cyprus issue and demands Cyprus to be recognised

       The Parliament may meet with a special agenda and issue a declaration to support Northern Cyprus (KKTC), said the officials. Prime Minister Ecevit said, "We would not compromise" while the Foreign Ministry demands KKTC to be recognised as a pre - condition for negotiations.
       Foreign Affairs Commission Chairman Kamran Inan met Charge d'affaires Korkmaz Haktanir and ministry officials and suggested the Parliament to meet with special agenda on the 25th anniversary of Peace Operation to Cyprus.
       A common declaration with the President of Northern Cyprus could be issued after the meeting said Mr. Inan, "Such a declaration would strengthen Mr. Ecevit's thesis in his Washington visit,"he added.
       In a statement by the Foreign Ministry supported Northern Cyprus' suggestion for a confederative system and pre - conditioned KKTC to be recognised before the negotiations start.

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