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22 June 1999 Thuesday 
Briefing from a high rank official: "Gulen's followers will try to get control of the State"

Prime Minister Ecevit: "I still think the way I did"
Authorities gave a briefing to Prime Minister Ecevit on Fethullah Gulen and his community a while ago. In a 15 - minute private briefing the authorities presented Mr. Ecevit the evidence that Fethullah Gulen has plans to take the control of the State.

Goodwill contact
"Fethullah Gulen tries to be recognised officially with his "goodwill" contacts to high rank politicians. Gulen's aim is to bring an alternative to the secular system," told the authorities to Mr. Ecevit.

"This is your idea"
Mr. Ecevit merely listened the briefing without asking many questions. At the end of the presentation he said, "This is your idea. But I still think the way I did," and the official left the hall.

Secret tapes leaked from the community
Gulen's tapes hidden in secret community centers were copied

The tapes which were kept in secret places and recorded by Gulen himself for the education of the top staff of the community were brought to the officials by persons from the very staff working for Gulen. All copied one by one and put back on the shelves.

These tapes are only accessed by the most trustworthy persons. They are used for the education of the core staff of the community.

10% of the trillions to Gulen
Fethullah Gulen's money source: Charity meetings in Ramadan

Donations collected in the meetings held in each province. 90% of the money is used for the community members in that province and for the school that the province is responsible for. Last year the money collected in Izmir was 500 billion lira.

The community is allegedly used for money transfer as well. Those who wants to transfer money from abroad, donates the money to a community school. 80% of the money transferred is given back in Turkey.

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