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15 July 1999 Thursday 
Sincerety summit
Israel welcomed President Demirel warmer than it welcomed Clinton

Surprise in the airport
Turkish F - 4 warplanes, modernised in Israel, met President Suleyman Demirel on his way to Israel airport. Israel which usuaaly organises ceremony to presidents in Jerusalem, welcomed Demirel with a military ceremony at the airport.

Wiezman embraced Demirel on the plane door
Israeli President Weizman, who even didn't meet US President Bill Clinton, embraced Suleyman Demirel as he got off the plane. The meeting of the two leaders was sincere as well.

Scandal in Malki trial
Telephone call records demanded by the prosecution revealed after 3,5 years

CLAIM: Gendarme Intelligence Team investigating the Nesim Malki case, a businessman killed in Bursa province, didn't send the telephone call records, which were immediately seized after the murder, to the related officials.

Bursa General Prosecution Department determined that the documents were taken by an officer, years after as Telecom didn't send the documents.

Istanbul State Security Court defines the claim as "frightening". The statement issued by the Court said, "Such events makes the Court think that the testimonies of the accused might be true."

Iranian threat on Turkey

Tehran government issued a warning against "foreign interference" in the unrest which has rocked the Islamic republic and said Iran would respond to any country at an opportune time. Western news agencies commented that the warning issued as an answer to Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit's statement on Iran a few days ago.

The supporters to Islamic regime rallied yesterday in Tehran streets, carrying posters of Khomenei and Khamanei. Conservative deputy speaker of parliament Rouhani said, "Arrested students will be considered counter - revolutionaries."

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