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27 July 1999 Thuesday 
Turkey warns Iran
Ecevit:Tahran has been harbouring PKK
Demirel: Ecevit is right

Tension with Iran persists. Mohammed Hossein Lavasani, the Iranian Ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry. Ecevit says that Iran has replaced Syria in harbouring PKK guerrillas. "This does not make for good neighbourly relations," the PM said.

Ecevit also demanded the release of the two Turkish soldiers detained in Iran. "Perhaps Iran is trying to distract its agenda due to the troubles it has been having," he added.

President Suleyman Demirel who is on the way to Egypt, said the tension was neither to Iran's nor Turkey's benefit. Answering whether the relations with Iran were similar to that between Turkey and Syria last year, Demirel did not refrain from warning Iran: "No, I don't think so. At least for the time being."

12 agreements in 12 hours

12 agreements and protocols were signed in the one-day visit of President Suleyman Demirel to Egypt. Demirel said, "The peace process is a golden opportunity. Turkey is the biggest supporter of the peace process."

Mubarek voiced his satisfaction over the amelioration of relations between Egypt and Turkey. He also said he was "optimistic" about the peace process. Mubarek stated that he was to come to Turkey.

FP split over Erbakan

FP distraught after Kutan promotes administrative staff according to Erbakan's demands. Cemil Cicek, Ali Coskun, Abdullah Gul and Abdulkadir Aksu have resigned from their positions in the party. Some members have reacted with calls to found a new party. Party leader Kutan is reported to have complained that following days were to be an ordeal.

Currency rates
 FP split over Erbakan
 Cakmakoglu: Military service will not be reduced
 Ocalan: Germany played part in Moldova
  Decided stance against Iran
 Talks with Greece have positive start
 The state confiscates interest cut from wages
 Interests on the rise again
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