28 July 1999 Wednesday 

The dispute over Petrol Ofisi Co.

Minister of State in charge of Privatisation Yuksel Yalova,

       Minister of State in charge of Privatisation Yuksel Yalova draw attention at the meting of ANAP (The Motherland Party), with his remarks related to the tender of Petrol Ofisi Co. Yalova implied that the information concerning the tender was classified by saying ,"The Petrol Ofisi tender could well be material for politics historians to write about. There are a lot of things about it that Mesut Yilmaz could not reveal. And I don't think he will for a long time to come." It was reported that Mesut Yılmaz, the leader of ANAP, reacted to the Minister's implications. The privatisation tender of 51% of the shares of Petrol Ofisi Co. Had resulted last summer with it being granted to the Bayindir-Park-PUIS-Is Bank consortium. The consortium's bid had ranked third, but the High Privatisation Board had granted the tender to the consortium on the condition that they raise their bid to match that of the highest bidder. First PUIS, then Is Bank had quit the consortium, and the tender had been cancelled.

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