28 July 1999 Wednesday 

Yilmaz urges review in emergency rule

       Turkish military supremacy over PKK gives the country an opportunity to review a 12 - year - old state of emergency in force in the Southeast Anatolia, said government partner Mesut Yilmaz said yesterday.
       Motherland Party leader Mesut Yilmaz told his party deputies that Turkey had the PKK militants on the run throughout the Southeast.
       "The seperatist terrorist organisation no longer has the capability to act effectively in the East and Southeast," Mr. Yilmaz told a regular meeting of Motherland Party in the Parliament.
       "We are faced with a serious seperatist threat and the supremacy we have achieved should not be mistaken for a solution," he said. "We have to normalise the administration in the emergency rule region."
       Emergency rule was imposed on Southeast Anatolia as a measure against PKK terror in 1987, giving an administration based in the regional capital Diyarbakir, wide powers to maintain public order.

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