22 May 2000 Monday 

Suspects told the murders

Gokcer Tahincioglu, Ersan Atar

       Ferhan Ozmen, who has been arrested as a sumspect of Ugur Mumcu murder once more told he placed the bomb on Mumcu's private car and he himself killed Muammer Aksoy, with a silenced pistol.
       Ferhat Ozmen and Necdet Yuksel, who have confessed they took part in the political murder series of the last decade, yesterday told the police how they commited murders in six different places.
       First the suspects and the police officers went to the street where Ugur Mumcu's house is. A similar to Mumcu's car was also brought to the place, where strict measures of security was taken in the early hours of the morning.

"No one saw us"

       First Yuksel was brought to the street at 9.10 a.m. Yuksel said at the time of the event they first discovered the street.
       "I saw the house after I came to the street. I waited in front of the house for a while. The car was close to the wall. Ferhan Ozmen lied under the can and placed the bomb. There was nobody around and no one saw us."

"We shot Aksoy with a silencer"

       Ozmen, who was then brought in front of Professor Muammer Aksoy's house told how Aksoy left the building and which way he walked.
       "I came in front of the house and I shot Muammer Aksoy on the back of his head once. Then I left the place with my own car. I threw the pistol into a sewer channel."
       The suspects then brought to the street where Ahmet Taner Kislali was killed. Ozmen said he set the bomb and gave it to Yuksel.
       Yuksel, on the other hand, who confessed that he placed the bomb on Kislali's car said they watched Kislali before the murder.
       "We, three left the car. Ferhat Ozmen set the bomb, because I didn't know the issue technically," he said.

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