Ankara reacted against "Kurdish metaphore"

Ankara reacted against "Kurdish metaphore"


The political circles say it would be a strategic mistake for Turkey to take guard against the Kosovo-Southeast metaphore started to be mentioned in certain platforms, speakingly in Greece.
A high rank Foreign Ministry official said, Ankara is not prepared as no official declaration has been given on the issue.
The killings in Kosova, under the shield of territorial unity and Turkey's struggle against terrorism differ, said the official. And he listed the points that Turkey will take attention to as follows:
- Yugoslavia is a federal republic that has state in state. In this context Kosovo has a right for autonomy taking its roots from the history. On the other hand Turkey is a unitary state.
- The struggle in Turkey against terrorism can't be held one with what has been done to the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. One can't mention Kurdish minority in Turkey for two reasons: First, Lousanne Agreement doesn't recognize any other ethnic groups in Turkey except for muslims. Secondly, the Constitutions makes no discrimination among the ethnic groups in Turkey. The only reference is "citizenship".
- Noone has the right to accept a mass as an ethnic group in Turkey. This would be the most unfair against our Kurdish originated citizens. "Minority" means those who don't have the rights of "majority." Minorities struggle to have the same rights with the majority.
- It would be a strategic mistake for Turkey to take a defensive position against such provocative initiations. However if these initiations take an official stance, Turkey would do what is needed.

13 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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