Athens trained PKK

Athens trained PKK

" We knew that PKK members were trained in Athens in the past years " said the US Embassador to Athens.

The Greek government is having a hard time with Ankara's instill, "stop supporting terror and let's cooperate" and also Washington's accusation that they do not do evrything they can against terror. " We knew that Greece had trained PKK members in the past years" has said US Ambassador to Greek, Nicholas Burns, revealing Greece's support of PKK.
Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yorgo Papendreu, on the other hand stated that they have rejected Turkey's offer to cooperate against terror. " This kind of cooperation can only be formed on the platform of Balkan countries cooperation." said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Greece has been shocked with what Nicholas Burns has said. " The United States do not have any information that Greece is currently training PKK members. However, we know that Greece had been training PKK members and helped the organization in the past years." Nicholas Burns was quoted as saying.

14 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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