Back stage of hooligan murders

Back stage of hooligan murders

I'm an unemployed, a fan and have a nervous breakdown

       The families of the convicts of the murder of two English hooligans in
       Taksim, talked to Milliyet: They are all fans Galatasaray, they've just
       finished their military service, but all unemployed.
       Kemalettin Aydin, the brother of Suleyman Aydin, who is one of the five
       convicts of the murder told his brother:
       "He couldn't find a job since he did his military service. He is a fan of
       Galatasaray. He was with his fiance that evening. He doesn't carry any
       incisory instrument. He first bought the tickets for the game, then they
       went to Taksim. He couldn't stop himself as the hooligans insulted Turkish
       flag. He was right in my opinion. I would do the same. Anyone would give the
       same reaction if our flag is insulted."

Ali has a nervous breakdown

       On the other, Aydin, the nephew of Ali Umit Demir said, "He is doing
       his military service. He was discharged. Our house is in Taksim. Ali is a
       silent man. His parents divorced three months ago. He has a nervous
       breakdown. He is also a Galatasaray fan. But he was not used to go to
       matches frequently."

       Officials say the prosecution can request death penalty for the suspects,
       however if who committed the murders is not determined, the prosecution
       would request 20-years imprisonment for each.

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