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Bank Kapital sues Y. Murat Demirel for 4 trillion swindle attempt

Bank Kapital sues Y. Murat Demirel for 4 trillion swindle attempt

       The Ceylan Family has sued the nephew of President Demirel, who has
       been with them on many an occasion from the opening ceremony of the
       Intercontinental Hotel in Taksim, Istanbul, to the circumcision ceremony of
       their son. Kapital Bank, which is owned by the Ceylans has now sued Egebank
       owner Yahya Murat Demirel on the grounds that he has attempted to cash a 4
       trillion letter of guarantee he had deceitfully obtained from Bank Kapital.
       The incident as stated in the petition filed with the Istanbul 9th Tribunal
       of Commerce on Jan 7, 2000 seems to have cooled off the close friendship
       between the two families. According to the claim filed by Kapital Bank,
       Murat Demirel "deceitfully obtained the 4 trillion letter of guarantee from
       Kapital Bank by claiming to have been granted a credit from a fictional
       company which he concealed belonged to him."
       Egebank, also owned by Murat Demirel, is one of the five banks transferred
       to the Savings Deposit Insurence Fund last month.
       According to the petition letter of Kapital Bank, which was acquired by
       Milliyet, Karteks Ticaret Sanayi Co. and Foy Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret Co.,
       had applied to Bank Kapital for two letters of guarantee which would
       comprise the guarantee for the credits granted them by Prudential Off Shore
       Bank located in Cyprus. In neither of the applications filed by the two
       companies was the affiliation between them and Prudential Off Shore
       revealed. The petition goes on to state that both letters of guarantee were
       drawn up and given to the applicants to be conveyed to Prudential Off Shore.
       The partners and the executive board members of Karteks Co. and Foy Co. are
       namely, Yahya Murat Demirel, Muharrem Cengiz Suer, Saban Ayhan Tatligil and
       Sakir Gurel.
       Y. Murat Demirel, the chairman of the executive boards of both companies, is
       also the chairman and the major shareholder of Egebank Co.
       When Bank Kapital looked into Prudential Off Shore, not only did it prove to
       have such figures as Husnu Barbaros Olcay, Egebank deputy executive-general
       and Volkan Olcay, Egebank joint venture ERA Leasing Co. general executive in
       its executive board, but it also turned out that Prudential had initiated
       action with the Besiktas 8th Notery for the liquidification of the letters
       of guarantee granted by Bank Kapital.
       The Tribunal consequently ordered an injunction on both letters.

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