Bodies uncovered in capitol Ankara

Bodies uncovered in capitol Ankara

Bodies of three killed by Hezbollah unearthed in house outside Ankara, two identified

       Police discovered a second Hezbollah house used as a burial ground in Etimesgut, Ankara, after the unearthing of 10 bodies in a coal shed last Wednesday in Istanbul. In Etimesgut just outside the capitol Ankara yesterday, three bodies were unearthed in a single-storey house.
       Istanbul police had carried out an operation to a house in Beykoz on Monday, believed now to have been the headquarters of the militant Islamic group. Since then police has been staging operations nation-wide, and raided three houses the night before, detaining five people. According to their interrogations, four more were detained in operations carried out in three different cities.
       In one of the operations the night before, Selman Ipek, a.k.a. Mehmet Yasar, head of the Ankara branch of the organisation, and member Burhan Ozluk were captured.
       A search was carried out in two different houses in Ankara according to confessions of captured Hezbollah members. In the second house, police unearthed three bodies, bound and naked. Two were identified as brothers Mehmet Serif Uprak and Bayram Ali Uprak, businessmen kidnapped in Mersin on July 26, 1999. The third body is not yet identified.
       Mustafa Gurluer, one of the suspects, confessed that bodies were killed in Mersin and brought to Ankara with a truck.
       Witnesses testified the family resident in the house had last been seen on Tuesday. Police investigation revealed that eight months earlier, the family had moved from the other house searched the same day to the house where the bodies were found.

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