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CNN Turk broadcasts Inonu's life

CNN Turk broadcasts Inonu's life

Ankara Milliyet

       The second president of the Turkish republic Ismet Inonu, who is one of the leading figures of Turkish political life, will be commemorated by a documentary prepared in jointly by Inonu Society and Aydin Dogan Society in the 26th anniversary of his death. The opening gala of the Ismet Pasha documentary produced by Metin Toker, welcomed Inonu family, the President Suleyman Demirel, the Commander of the
       General Staff Huseyin Kivrikoglu, the President of the executive board of Dogan Company Aydin Dogan, the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeal Başsavcısı Vural Savas, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Council Ahmet Necdet Sezer, the chairperson of the Turkish National Assembly Yildirim Akbulut, military force commanders, politicians, university professors, ambassadors and the journalists in Culture and Congress Centre of the Middle East Technical University. Prime Ministed Bulent Ecevit and his deputy were not present in the ceremony due to the meeting of the Board of Ministers. In a speech he gave in the ceremony Demirel told Inonu's role in the process that Turkey entered to multi - party political life and said, "Unless Inonu lived, we wouldn't be present as well." In the cocteyl given after the meeting the leader of the Republican People's Party Altan Oymen asked Ismet Inonu's son Erdal Inonu to put his candidacy in the presidential elections, to which Inonu answered this is the kindness of our party president. "Ismet Pasha" documentary is prepared by Bulent Capli and Can Dundar after a documentation study of 15 months in 19 different countries from Japan to the USA and Greece. The documentary has been prepared on a demand from Inonu Society. More that 500 written sources have been examined, 2 thousands and 500 documents and 3 thousands of photos have been scanned.

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