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Commemorating Inonu

Commemorating Inonu

       A ceremony has been organized to commemorate Ismet Inonu, on the day of the visit he had to Istanbul University in 1939, 4 months after he was elected President. In the 61st anniversary of the visit, the ceremony was organized at the Sciences Faculty to which all Inonu's children have attended. The president of Istanbul University, Kemal Alemdaroglu, gave a speech at the ceremony and emphasized that Ismet Inonu had pointed out the importance of democracy and multi party political life during his speech 61 years ago. Inonu's son in, law Metin Toker, who is also a columnist in Milliyet newspaper, emphasized that Inonu's speech was very important as it had summarized Inonu's plans for the future. Erdal Inonu on the other hand stated that he has quit politics and that he would spend all his time writing a book of his memories.

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