Ecevit: Iran supports terrorism

Ecevit: Iran supports terrorism

ANKARA Milliyet

       Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit said there is evidence that Iran supports
       terrorism in Turkey and the relations with that country might be revised.
       In a press conference Ecevit underlined that the support that the government
       gives to the security is used without any deviation from legal codes.
       "It is no more possible to pressurize our security units. Now our state is
       cleared of the unidentified murders. Gangs, mafia and hidden financial
       relations are not allowed in the state anymore," he said.
       "Mumcu and Kislali murders are solved and other mysterious details will also
       be enlightened in a short time" Ecevit said. "Iran, which has never acted as
       a neighbour country, allowed terrorists in its territories," he added.

       "The demand for change, particularly from the women and the youth of Iran,
       helped the President Khatami to strengthen his position. But like everone
       does, I also doubt whether Khatami is influensive in the administration. It
       is obvious that he is a modern statesman, but I wonder how much is he able
       to affect the balances interior to Iran. Time will show us," Ecevit said

"There is a clear evidence"

       When he was reminded Iran's accusations that Turkey intervenes Iran's
       interior affairs, Ecevit said,
       "The real intervention is to embrace terrorists in Turkey and target Turkey
       to export their revolutionary ideas. We never intervened their interior
       affairs. However it is clear that a number of terrorist groups in Turkey
       have benefited Iran's hospitality. Although Iran denies this, there is a
       clear evidence."

12 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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