Ecevit: "No concessions"

Ecevit: "No concessions"


Prime Minister Bulent Ecevik has ruled out making concessions on Cyprus, as Turkey and Northern Cyprus prepare to celebrate 25th anniversary of Cyprus Peace Operation today.
"Twenty - five years have passed and the chilg has grown into a robust youngster. However unwilling some countries are to acknowladge the truth, it is alive and undeniable," said Prime Minister.
"It is time to put a stop to these games. There is no longer a Cyprus issue. For Turkey and for TRNC, the problem has been resolved long ago," he said. "If there is no Turkish state on Cyprus, there would se a serious security question in the eastern Mediterannean"
"The fact that there are two states on Cyprus must be acknowladged for the two parties to sit at negotiating table," he added.
Mr. Ecevit is expected to attend the ceremonies for the 25th anniversary of Peace Operation that would take place on the island today.

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