End to home - comfort in prisons

End to home - comfort in prisons

Ersan Atar - Ankara

       A "prison protocol" signed between Justice, Internal and Health ministries took effect the day before. If the principles of the protocol - which will also help gendarme increase its influence - can be practised, private properties of Alaatin Cakici, Sedat Peker and Erol Evcil wee be taken outside the prison.
       Even without a demand from the prison administration, gendarme will have the authority to count the number of prisoners. Prosecutors will assess the demand from gendarme. Some of the radical regulations of the protocol, whose full text was obtained by Milliyet is as follows:
       * Semi - open visit: Hugging by family members is being limited. Semi - open visit rooms will be built. There will be all kinds of electronic and mechanical control systems to separate prisoners and visitors. The system will impede both sides enter or exit.
       * Ear bugging in dormitories and Ocalan cage in court room: Ear bugging gadgets will be put to necessary prison dormitories to impede communication between inmates. Glass cage model which was used in Ocalan's trial, will be extended to other courts.
       * Security line: Some of the buildings around prisons will be evacuated if necessary. The limits of the security line will be decided by Internal and Justice ministries.
       * Special team against actions: The prison administration will have the authority of calling the gendarme in cases like hunger strikes and prisoners' objection to be counted by officials.

6 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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