Europe: The State Security Amendment an improvement

Europe: The State Security Amendment an improvement

The European Council states its approval on the removal of the military judge from the State Security Court

The European Council Parliamentary Assembly interprets the Amendment on the State Security Court as a change for the better. The Assembly headed by Lord Russell-Johnston has issued a statement concerning the Amendment. "This is a crucial step of amelioration. With this step, Turkey has displayed its compliance with the European Court of Human Rights' in the conviction that "a court accommodating a military agent in its body can not maintain its independence."
The Council then demanded that similar moves of democratisation be made concerning capital punishment in Turkey. Western sources have stated that the council supervising the Ocalan trial is so far satisfied with the procedures and that the removal of the death sentence from Turkish Law is vital not only concerning the Ocalan trial, but the relations between Turkey and Europe.

14 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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