Foreign Ministry starts probe

Foreign Ministry starts probe

Ismail Cem states they are assessing Ocalan's claims

Ankara Milliyet

Foreign Minister Ismail Cem said they started assessing Abdullah Ocalan's claims that Germany, Netherlands and Greece support PKK. Mr. Cem also underlined that claims get stronger as Ocalan makes these statements at the court.
Reminded of European demands for not sentencing Ocalan to death, the Foreign Minister was quoted as saying "we won't accept any intervention to our domestic laws".
In response to a question concerning whether a diplomatic initiative will be launched for Greece, Germany and Netherlands - from which PKK reportedly receives support - Mr. Cem said: "The statements get more important because Ocalan makes these at the court. We are and will be assessing the claims for our foerign policies".

14 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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