He has plans for foreign politics for the present

He has plans for foreign politics for the present

Foreign Minister Cem, who is the most favorite name for the
Presidential candidacy evaluated the recent developments in foreign affairs
for Milliyet Daily.

       Foreign Minister Ismail Cem said there is no delay in the
       re-construction process of Turkey on the road to the European Union.
       Rejecting the rumours claiming that there is a disagreement between the
       State Planning Organisation (DPT) and the Foreign Ministry Cem said, "DPT
       has the biggest responsibility in the re-construction process. We only have
       the role of coordinators as being the Foreign Ministry."
       Cem stated that he asked the views of the institutions inferior to the Prime
       Ministry to establish the legal base and said, "This is a process. It is not
       right to say that it has stopped."
       He also informed the Prime Ministry about their view about the things to be
       done in politics, said Cem.
       "The initiations that will harmonise our political structure will get
       accelerated as the government announces its stance on the issue. I presented
       a report to the Prime Ministry about the things that should be considered,"
       he added.
       Evaluating te recent developments in Turkey's relations to Greece Cem said,
       "I think we agreed with Greece on many sensitive issues. I notified my
       counterparts that we can handle the problems about the Aegean Sea after the
       elections. Mr. Papandroeu agreed with me. The contacts will re-start soon."

12 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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