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Prime Ministry determined that the weapons imported to distribute the guards in Batman province were also bought from Hospro Company, whose name was also mentioned in Susurluk scandal

       Prime Ministry Inspection Board accessed important information about the weapons purchased by Batman governorship.
       The investigation that was launched when ANASOL - D government was in power,
       determined that the governorship imported the weapons through a company
       called Hospro, whose name was also revealed in Susurluk accident.
       According to the information taken by Milliyet Daily, the Premier Mesut
       Yilmaz had ordered the Chairman Kutlu Savas to launch an inspection about
       the lost weapons and the expenses from the covered fund.
       The board determined that nearly $50 million was spent from the fund during
       Tansu Ciller's Premiership. The inspectors also found out that Batman
       governorship purchased weapons from abroad.
       Former Batman Governor Salih Sarman said "They took special permission from
       the Prime Ministry to buy these weapons during his period. Sarman denied the
       claims that the weapons purchased between 1994 - 1996 are lost and can be used by Hizbullah.

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