Iran fed Hizbullah

Iran fed Hizbullah

The militant, who assisted the police in Velioglu raid, confessed to Milliyet

       He used to be a guard in Diyarbakir casinos. Then he met Hizbullah. He
       became the first confessor of the organisation. He gave Huseyin Vileoglu's
       ıstanbul address to the police and participated in the operation on police'
       side. He identified Velioglu.
       Hizbullah's confessor, Cemil, who has been released a short while ago, met
       first Milliyet Daily.

"I used to be a drunk"

       Question: "How did you meet Hizbullah?
       Cemil: I used to be a fast gambler and a drunk in Diyarbakir until 1985. I
       was popular. I used to drink too much. My family opposed me, and advised me
       to adopt a religious life. At the same period of time, the PKK murdered a
       few members of the family.
       Without an ideological motivation, we showed a reaction to the PKK. I
       started to talk against the PKK everywhere. I gave a struggle against anyone
       that I knew to be a PKK member. Then Huseyin Velioglu heard of me and
       learned that we were against the PKK as a family and I turned face to

"I met Velioglu in 1986"

       He sent me a message through a relative Mehmet Suzan, who lived in
       Bingol. Suzan told me that the way I live should have bored me and I have to
       change my living. I met Velioglu in 1986, and contacted the organisation.
       Question: How were the militants won?"
       Cemil: They used to organise in both bookshops and mosques and Islamic or
       religious people were convinced through the militants they knew. If
       conditions were available they would even sent me to a foreign country to
       win a relative abroad.
       First a test is applied then the person is worked on. The first degree
       target is the Islamic and religiously conservative part. These can be the
       supporters of other political parties, even the children, apart from those
       subjected to PKK's savagery.

"The refugees in Iran started it"

       Question: What was the role of foreign countries both in the
       organisation and financing of Hizbullah?
       Cemil: Iran backed many Akinci (Raiders) and National Turkish Students Union
       members who took refugee in this coutry after 12 Sept. 1980 coupe. There
       used to be a ministtry that conducted propaganda activities to win more
       revolutionists. The ministry and Iranian Intelligence Service contacted
       these people. People invited to Iran every year for training. The first
       cadre of Hizbullah was made up among those who went to Iran.

Rafsancani and Hamaney

       Question: When did you go to Iran?
       Cemil: I went Tehran in 1986. I attended Islamic Unity meetings there.
       Hizbullah's strategy in countries with Muslim people was what talked in the
       meetings. Highest ranking authorities attented to those meetings organised
       by the Iranian Intelligence. Rafsancani, Hamaney and Fadlallah, for example.
       How the illegal struggle was to be given was told in the meetings. They told
       us ıslamic struggle can not be without weapons. Agenst from the Iranian
       Intelligence met us one to one and then investigated our contacts.

Velioglu brought money from Iran

       Question: How and when did Menzil bookstores open?
       Cemil: These bookstores opened as soon as Velioglu returned from Iran, by
       Velioglu himself. He hadn't had a car untli then. He returned with money,
       and this was how he opened the bookstores.

"They also gavet the weapons"

       Question: Was Iran support limited to training and financing?
       Cemil: No. Iran also sent weapons until 1993. During the disagreement
       between the Ilim and Menzil supporters Iran wanted to act as the mediator.
       They quit sending weapons as an agreement failed. Then a special unit formed
       in the military wing for weapon supply.
       Question: What were the financial sources of the organisation then?
       Cemil: Apart from the money donated and taken by force, the lands of rich
       people were seized and money was earned as well as the militants were
       employed to work the soil. Militants seperated 10 percent of the soil they
       cultivated or the donation they received.

We didn't take support from the state

       Question: On which level did Hizbullah have been related to the State?
       Cemil: The State had not been aware of Hizbullah for a while. They had
       concentrated on the PKK. We hadn't used the name Hizbullah as well. We had
       named ourselves as the "Community". People gave us the name. I deny any
       institution of the State supported us.

"Origins are the same with the Welfare"

       Question: Did Hizbullah had any relation to the Welfare of the Virtue
       Cemil: First of all many Welfare Party deputies and Hizbullah members have
       the same origins. Akincilar, National Turkish Students Union all had
       struggled shoulder to shoulder for years.

We killed to thousands of people

       Question: How many people did Hizbullah kill?
       Cemil: The official number in a thousand and 76, but this makes nearly 2
       thousands when those kidnapped are included. Some were killed without a

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