Kutan: Reaching 367 votes is risky

Kutan: Reaching 367 votes is risky

Ankara - Milliyet

       Stressing that president must be elected by people, Virtue Party leader Recai Kutan said: "If people also support Demirel, I welcome his presidency for another term."
       As the guest of a program in Star television, Kutan told that the presidential system in Turkey is a system that they don't approve. "The president in Turkey, has the authority which US presidents don't have. While Clinton accounts for at the Senate, our presidents don't have such an obligation. They only account for treason. Presidents must also account for" he said.
       Virtue leader told that he has concerns over reaching the parliamentary majority in presidential election. "I have concerns that some political parties are involved in a plot. Some information is conducted to our deputy colleagues. Reaching 367 votes seem highly risky" he added.
       Concerning the presidential elections, Kutan told that they don't make any bargains to lift the political ban on Neckettin Erbakan.

11 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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