Kutan: Sezer in Presidential Palace on Friday

Kutan: Sezer in Presidential Palace on Friday

Ankara Milliyet

       Recai Kutan, the leader of the Virtue Party stated that the results of
       the second round bulloting for the presidential elections indicate Ahmet
       Necdet Sezer, the chief justice of the Constitutional Court, will won in the
       third try on Friday. "We will have sent Sezer to the Palace on Friday," he
       Answering the claims that True Path Party and Virtue Party have been divided
       in the first round of elections, Kutan said:
       "Virtue had one candidate. This is why it is so natural for some of our
       friends to support someone from their own group. However, I feel 40 deputies
       have voted for Sezer in the second round. We have determined that as well.
       Thus, we can say Sezer got 314 votes with the support of the Virtue."
       Kutan declined to answer a question about the statements of Oguzhan
       Asilturk, when he said Abdullah Gul, candidate of the opposing group in the
       Virtue for party leadership, should withdraw candidacy because he is not
       experienced enough.
       Underlining that this is Asilturk's own idea Kutan said, "Gul also had given
       statements rejecting this idea. As the leader it is not possible for me to
       make comments on what my friends said."

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