Let us not lose Israel

Let us not lose Israel

Pointing that Greece is trying get close with Israel, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit has prepared an extensive plan to expand cooperation with this country.

Turkey has taken a series of military and economic precautions to improve relations with Israel, upon Greece's attempts to get close with Israel. In a statement, signed by Bulent Ecevit, sent to all concerned units, Greece's attempts to get close with Israel have been pointed out and precautions to be taken against these attempts have been listed.

Balance policy

The circular states that the military training cooperation and industrial cooperation treaties signed with Israel in 1996 troubles Iran, Syria and Greece, the countries that give support to terror in Turkey. The fact that Greece holds good relations with the Arab countries have also been emphasized in the circular. In the circular signed by Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, precautions to improve relations with Israel have been listed. These precautions will be started to be applicated with Suleyman Demirel's visit to Israel today.
The government's precautions to improve relations with Israel are as follows:
* Terror is a common problem for both Turkey and Israel. Cooperation against terror can be improved between the countries. The fact that Greece supports terror should be emphasized.

Athens should be exposed

* Greece's clear support of the terror organization, PKK, in Turkey, should clearly be exposed and Greece should be sealed as a terrorist country.
* A balanced policy should be followed about Israel's problem with Palestine.
* A lobby may be established in Israel through the jewish Turkish citizens who reside in Israel.
* The fact that Greece is against Israel and the jews, should be explained through examples from the past.
* Commercial and economic visits to Israel should be increased. Cooperation in tourism should be expanded.
* Israel's agricultural technology may be used in the irrigation projects within GAP.
* Insufficency of drinkable water is one of Israel's major problems. Cooperation about this issue may be held.
* Military technology may be transferred from Israel.

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