MHP: We can also announce a candidate

MHP: We can also announce a candidate

Ankara - Milliyet

       Nationalist Action Party deputy Kursat Eser, who is also the Turkish Group President of Turkish Parliament's North Atlantic Assembly, told that they will sign the "5+5" formula but added that this doesn't mean Demirel will be elected as president. "Impeding people is not good. But we mustn't draw a result from the constitutional change that we will elect Suleyman Demirel as president" he said.
       Eser also told that he finds the impediment of Ecevit strange. "Tunca Toskay, Sadi Somuncuoglu and Sabahattin Cakmakoglu can be announced as candidates from our party" he added.
       Meanwhile there are back stage talks such as Virtue Party will back a "constitutional change for Ecevit" in an effort to deepen the crisis, moreover they will open the discussion themselves if Democratic Left Party doesn't make any effort.

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