MHP's transfer plan

MHP's transfer plan

MHP's unease from ANAP continues. Rumors are that 7-8 parliamentarians will be transferred from ANAP. It is also stated that Topcu, Serdaroglu and Gurdal from ANAP will join DTP.

       Despite the government's announcement that there is no problem within the coalition even though their amendment motion has been refused, MHP's unease of ANAP continues. Defending that ANAP was not very trustworthy during the process of the Constitutional amendment, MHP aims to strengthen their party with transfers from other parties and hope to work with DSP only. Rumors are that Yasar Topcu, Rifat Serdaroglu and Ibrahim Gurdal from ANAP will resign and join DTP. It is reported that MHP thinks ANAP may damage the harmony of the coalition in any time. This is why they are more inclined to strengthen MHP and continue to work with only DSP. Parliamentarians of MHP are reported articulating that things will no longer work with ANAP. Some MHP parliamentarians Milliyet reporters talked to state that MHP would start transferring some parliamentarians to their party. " The number of parliamentarians we aim to transfer from ANAP are about 7-8. These of course will be the people who adopt MHP's principles and who promise to practice these principles. We can not give out names at the moment, but they will be parliamentarians who had been chosen in this term, rather than those who had been in ANAP for long years." said the MHP deputies. It is also claimed that six deputies from FP will join MHP.

Serdaroglu: No resignation

       Though rumors are that Yasar Topcu, Rifat Serdaroglu and Ibrahim Gurdal from ANAP will resign and join DTP, Serdaroglu said the following to Milliyet reporter, "I do not consider resigning from ANAP at the moment, however I can not tell what will happen in the future."

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