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Oymen: "Heasboullah's extension in the state is the most important"

Oymen: "Heasboullah's extension in the state is the most important"

Ankara Milliyet

       The leader of Republican People's Party (CHP) Altan Oymen underlined the relations of the Heasboullah to the state institutions saying,. "The point that should not be disregarded is that the murders have been continuing for five years. The claims that some of the circles in the state turned their eyes away from those committed the homicides or even supported them. The all should be investigated."
       Assessing the Haesboullah operations by the security forces in a ceremony for the teachers joining the CHP, Oymen said, "The leader of one of the coalition partner parties said on television the day before that the extensions of this organisation in the state should be discovered. However the one who said this forgets that he was on power when the Haesboullah was committing these murders, moreover the Ministry of Interior was from his party. Unfortunately people's trust to certain state institutions is lost as the suspects of the Susurluk case were not punished, instead they were re - elected to the Parliament. Some of the units of the state made this a habit and they are convicted. The justice and security system has collapsed."

FETÖ'cü Arif Erdem orada ortaya çıktı!TRT'nin haberine göre firari FETÖ'cü Arif Erdem, bir restorandan çıkarken kameralara yakalandı.

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