Reformists call for unity

Reformists call for unity

The reformists within FP will call the provincial organizations to unity and integrity. Gul will attend Kutan's visit to Adiyaman.

       Leader candidate of the reformist wing within the Virtue Party (FP), Abdullah Gul, is going on a tour with Recai Kutan, against whom he is running in the congress. Gul's first provincial visit in the congress process is to Adiyaman with Recai Kutan. The reformists who had been pressured by the tradititional wing not to divide the party, have started to carry out a soft policy so that they will be in good relation with Necmettin Erbakan. The reformists are giving out messages of integrity and unity within the party. To prove their point, the reformists are going on a tour with Recai Kutan, against whom they are running as a leader candidate. The reformists have decided to go on provincial tours until the party's congress on May 14th. " The important thing is the success of our party. We are not interested in getting the power. We will always be in unity." said the reformists. Abdullah Gul, the candidate of the reformist wing for general chairmanship, stated that Turkey needs to remove the 312th article as it is very antidemocratic and said, " Turkey needs to be resuced from this shame and embarrasment. We will be the first ones to fight for this cause, and we call everyone to support us."

"We will earn trust"

       Abdullah Gul said the following to a Milliyet reporter, " We acknowledge that we have a problem of trust from provincial organizations. We are unable to articulate the points we are right about. We lack dialog. We need new arrangements for FP's future. Some things are changing with my candidacy. We aim to increase our vote rate to 45 percent. And we will try to do this in unity. We will get along with our mentors and we will learn from past mistakes. We will try hard not to make the same mistakes again."

11 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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