Reforms to pass before break

Reforms to pass before break

ANKARA Milliyet

       The Parliament plans to pass many of the reform drafts before the
       holiday, which starts on July, 1.
       It has been reported that the Turkish National Assembly will determine a
       calendar for the regulations to be approved related to Turkey's relations
       with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the European Union.

Galatasaray break

       However, this week is expected not to be a busy one, due to the UEFA
       final match between the Galatasaray and the Arsenal football clubs, which
       will be played in Kopenhagen on May, 17.
       Some of the top issues to be discussed in the parliament this week on the
       other hand are as follows:
       * A draft that bids the acceleration of public interests and privatisation.
       * A regulation that modernises the law related to the art works
       * A draft that regulates the Agriculture Co-operatives and Unions, which is
       also a condition of the World Bank for an additional loan.
       * The 8th Five-Year Development Plan.
       * The members of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission will hear the
       forensic medicine experts invited from Ankara and Istanbul.

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